About BEARIGworld

Bearigworld is a place where Kindness is not defined by the size of your paw, the pattern of your fur or how many amazing sunrises you have seen in your life. This is a lovely little snippet of what Bearig is, what it means & who represents this band of forest creatures who don't eat each other ;) LOL..

Bearigworld is a place were animals of all walks of life give each other a paw five or a foot flat. It's a world where every body helps each other. It's a world where kindness is spread by the smallest ant to the biggest bear. It's a world where time is well spent with the ones you love, which happens to be everybody who lives there.

The locals of Bearigworld love music, dancing, singing, skiing, snowman making, and eating yummy fresh-baked treats, and forest snacks. They love the water, the sky, the trees, the flowers, and exploring new things in the forest. They especially like making NEW FRIENDS! 

Are you ready to have a BEARIG-AWESOME time?


KINDNESS is one of the core virtues of bearigworld

Green means kind & kind means green.
— Michele Ramos (aka. Mama Maus)