Bearigworld is an AWESOME world!

Welcome to BEARIGWORLD and Happy First Day of fall!!!  You might ask "What does BEARIG mean?" The word BEARIG is often used in the Austrian region where I grew up to describe something amazing or awesome. It cannot be found in a dictionary but BEARIG translates to Awesome and can be used for every and anything amazing, awesome, super, fantastic;) Hence BEARIGWORLD is an AWESOME WORLD.

When my kids were tiny little bundles of joy, our bedtime ritual was for my baby girl to fall asleep on my tummy and my sweet toddler son to snuggle next to me. I would tell them fun stories about forest creatures and every day they wanted me to continue were I left off the night before. Mind you they remembered every little detail and I had to improvise to remember where I left off before I fell asleep with my two loves wrapped around me. I started to type the stories in my phone while waiting for them to fall asleep.... and as simple as that....BEARIGWORLD was created! 

I hope you like our first character Stritzie and all his adventures. Soon, all of his friends will make an appearance in form of books and fun things to wear and play with.

By writing my first blog, my first day of fall  just got extra BEARIG!

Have a BEARIGGOOD day!!!